About me

A war has started more than 20 years ago. The very first time I turned up the volume on the radio to listen to my favorite electronic music show, I was shut down by my parents. Don’t listen to this crazy drug music they said. From this moment, I was fighting for my right to listen to what like.

As time has passed, the music I liked was mostly un-welcomed. Every time I needed to explain that this genre is not what the common belief thinks. Closed-minded, blind people fought me. For a few years I thought I lost this fight, but I had to realize that this music is part of me and cannot let it go.

So, here I am now again, spreading the word of underground techno music and fighting a war on trash music and close-minded people.

For me techno is not trend that I follow or fast fashion thing. For me techno represents persistence, complex thinking, speed, source of energy and last but not least an escape from everyday problems.