Latest audiovisual performance from Hevesi Daniel is to debut on the Amorphous Av FEST

Latest audiovisual performance from Hevesi Daniel is to debut on the Amorphous Av FEST

The 6th part of the “Techno inspirations” series will be shown for the first time to the audience on the 30th June, under the name of One Man Techno Army, a project by Hungarian contemporary audiovisual artist Hevesi Daniel Marcel.

“After more than 20 years of being true follower, I am still very much fascinated by contemporary electronic music and abstract visual art” the artist says. “In recent years, I started to look for a link between visual art and electronic music and made my own discoveries. As a result, One Man Techno Army was born” Daniel adds.

One Man Techno Army is a live audiovisual performance, where tracks from the cream of underground techno producers are blended with the artist’s visuals, created from his own abstract and minimal style contemporary paintings.

“The selection of tracks that I include in the Techno inspirations series are huge inspirations for me and I am really thankful for the very talented producers out there, who created them. I am hoping, that my audiovisual performance will bring more people to the underground electronic music scene” Daniel says.

“The Amorphous Av FEST in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, created by the team called [re+act(ion)]AV, gives me an excellent opportunity to go offline and see the audience live reaction to the act, for the first time under the name of One Man Techno Army” says the creator.

Dániel, who has just finished with his 6th circle of habits, lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.

About the event

a·mor·phous AV Fest
29, 30 June and 1 of July, Céu de Vidro / Casa da Cultura, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

3 days filled with presentations between 17h and 2h in the morning in which the public may have contact with visual and sound stimuli from 35 national and international artists with different approaches to the Audiovisual language. There will be works from various countries, including Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, England, Russia, Argentina, Australia, USA, among others.

. Audiovisual performances
. Dj / vj sets
. Workshops and Lectures
. Small-scale micromapping video projection on ceramic pieces
. Audiovisual Installations (including works from ETEO students)
. Large-scale video projection mapping on the historic building "Balneários" of the Thermal Hospital

About the festival organizer

[re+act(ion)]AV it’s a collective platform born with the clear objective of creating in Portugal, with an international reflex, events dedicated to present Audiovisual Performances.

Thus gathering live artists working audiovisual media in its different forms and representations that unite art and technology, experimentation, live video and music creation, performance, veejaying, deejaying, mapping, programing, the encounter between different forms of expression within the multimedia visual arts and the fusion with diverse artistic expressions.

It also aims to work as a catapult for AV projects creating the conditions to introduce them to the public, as a space for provocation, reflection, inspiration, demonstration, sharing and exchanging experiences within the digital culture and contemporary performance.

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